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FK Fic Fest

a _Forever Knight_ Ficathon Community

Forever Knight Fanfiction Festival
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This community holds fanfiction games in tribute to the television series Forever Knight.
Welcome to the fkficfest/[community profile] fkficfest community! We celebrate the television series Forever Knight through an annual fanfiction game. To find the story you'll like best, try these links:

2010 Masterlist  |  2011 Masterlist  |  2012 Masterlist  |  2013 Masterlist  |  2014 Masterlist  |  2015 Masterlist
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For rules and procedures, please see the tagged "admin" posts.

  • The Seventh Game.  In 2016, the 20th anniversary of the first airing of "Last Knight," we are playing FKFicFest! Sign-up between May 18 and June 25.

  • The Sixth Game.  In 2015, 13 players shared amazing new FK adventures!

  • The Fifth Game.  In 2014, 9 bold writers kept FK's flame alight!

  • The Fourth Game.  In August 2013, our fourth ficathon bloomed with 12 stories and 1 illustration! 3 players joined us for the first time. The game was a delight!

  • The Third Game.  In July 2012, our third ficathon won 13 stories, plus drabble "door prizes"! We had a wonderful time writing, reading and discussing these wonderful tales!

  • The Second Game.  In July 2011, our second ficathon was treated to 20 stories by 18 authors, plus drabble "door prizes"!  The enthusiasm and energy of our writers, beta-readers and readers is inspiring!

  • The First Game.  In May 2010, we held our first ficathon.  The 23 stories (plus drabble "door prizes") began releasing on the anniversary of the first airing of the series finale, "Last Knight," and continued at two per day for almost two weeks.  We had an absolutely marvelous time!  Thank you so much to all our writers, beta-readers and readers!

Endless, Forever…  Please read and comment! It's never too late for feedback! And please keep writing, reading and commenting on FK fanfiction in all the wonderful forums and communities that welcome it. (FKFicFest is for FK fanfiction games only.) Twenty years since cancellation, we still love our show, the friends we made through it, and the stories we share with each other. That's what it's all about!

What About Non-Fic Posts?  If you need to alert the community to something, please get in touch with brightknightie. Thanks!

"What is Forever Knight?"

"Where can I see Forever Knight today?"

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