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Girl Talk

"Girl Talk" by Nikfix1228

Title: "Girl Talk"
Author: Nikfix1228
Beta-Reader: Twilight2000
Recipient: Gnosticdiva
Prompt: A truce between formal rivals
Length: 1,245 words
Rating: PG-13
Summary: After the events of "A More Permanent Hell," Janette  pays Natalie a visit.

The knock on my door nearly jolted me out of my skin. This was my first full night off since the asteroid hoax. The same hoax that nearly cost me my life or worse yet Nick’s opinion of me.  I had been sucking down a few glasses of white wine and was feeling the slight buzz. The soft knock came again driving me off the couch to the door. I hesitated.  Who would be knocking on my door at ten minutes until midnight? Not Nick surely, he was avoiding me like I had the plague. I turned the knob and peeked through the small crack the chain allowed, my stomach lurched a bit when my brain registered who was standing on the other side. Janette…..ever perfect…..forever beautiful was waiting expectantly for me to open the door.      

“Hello Natalie,” She said as I stood there my mouth gaped, speechless.

I shut the door, shoved the unruly strands of hair that had fallen out of the ponytail back, removed the chain and opened the door all the way this time.

“May I come in?” She asked and I motioned with my hand for her to enter.

“Sure, why not? The more the merrier.”

She moved past me into my living room, looking like she had just stepped out of a fashion magazine. I looked down at my too small t-shirt and baggy sweat pants and wished I was anywhere else.

I followed her into the living room and she sat gracefully on my couch. I had always felt mousy in her presence. Now I felt plain and foolish, since she had come to my rescue at the Raven. I was grateful, but a bit angry at her for the same reason.

 "So, are you here to tell me to stay out of your club?"

 Her perfectly shaped eyebrow raised slightly, "Non, I am here to have a bit of girl see how you were fairing."

 "Really?" I said skeptically, "Well, obviously Nick got to me in time. As you can tell, I’m definitely not part of your community. “

 “If Nicola had not made it in time, you would be dead. Spark was a new one. Far too young to have enough control to bring you across. Your drained corpse would have been found in a back alley and Nicola would be inconsolable.”

 “So that is why you did it…… for him.” I said looking down at my hands, again feeling embarrassed at my reckless behavior. I felt I had hurt Nick deeply, although he had said nothing.

 “Yes, partly because of Nick, but not only because of him. You asked him to make you one of us, did you not? He refused?

 My head whipped up at that remark, “He told you?” I asked, the anger clear in my tone.

 She shook her head lightly, “Non, he didn’t have to. I could tell by the way you were behaving, you were upset. I know Nicola well enough to know he would refuse you. I assume that is what happened.”

 “You are right. I did ask him…..begged him to bring me across. He told me eternity in darkness isn’t living.”

 “Hmm… that sounds like our Nicola.” Janette slid across the couch until she was sitting next to me.

 “At least I know where I stand. He won’t bring me across even if I am going to die. Sobering thought really. He has been avoiding me since that night.”

 “Natalie, I believe that if the asteroid were to hit, in the end he would have made you one of us. You are his icon of mortality and he has placed you upon a pedestal, high above all others. You asking to come across, most likely scared him more than anything else could. He has to come to terms with this new reality that his pure, sweet, mortal Natalie could want to be the very thing he detests.”

 I knew she was right. I cast my eyes downward, I couldn’t look at her.

 “Had you come to me, Natalie I would have turned you myself. I think you would do well as one of us.” Her voice, soft and compelling enveloped me like her sweet smelling perfume and it felt like the alcohol buzz I had magnified ten fold. 
 Janette pulled my hair out of the scrunchie that bound it, and I felt it fall over my shoulder.

I felt Janette’s lips on my neck. “Do you still want to be one of us, Natalie?”

"What?” I wasn't sure this was the something I wanted. But, I also wasn't sure it was something I didn't want. I couldn’t think, Janette’s voice surrounded me and thrummed into my mind dulling my senses even more. He perfume surrounded me, the smell of freesia was cloying and numbed my mind.

 I felt her cool hands upon my shoulders pulling me closer. She whispered in my ear. "Shhhh. Just relax."

"But, but…." I feebly protested. "I don’t know…..Nick….He…Ni-  I'm not into this sort of thing."

 Janette’s lips were again on my neck over the pulse point, and her hands moved to wrap around my waist. "Sometimes it takes a woman to understand another woman needs.”

"I….I…Janette," I stammered, trying to gather some sort of rational thought.

Janette’s cool hands were sliding under my T-shirt, making me shiver.

 My breath was coming faster. I couldn’t form any words. Janette was so beautiful, for so long I had felt she was my rival for Nick’s affections.  I knew he went to her for more than information on the cases he worked. How could I blame him, when even I found her entrancing?

       She was doing something to me…..hypnotizing me, but I was a resistor….The white wine I had been drinking lowered my resistance...

        Janette pulled my face to hers and surprisingly, kissed me. She pressed her tongue in between my lips, I tasted the sweetness of her lip gloss.  Cherry flavored.  She stroked her hands down my back. "Tell me you want to be as eternal as Paris" she purred, “I can offer you a thousand lifetimes.”

“Yes,” I panted, breathless.” Bring me across.”

She moved to her mouth to my neck and I was waiting for the sting of her fangs to pierce my neck. I felt Janette stiffen. She let go of me and the front door was flung open.

“Janette!!!” I heard Nick bark. Somehow I was able to turn and focus on him. He looked like he couldn’t decide if had walked in on his worst nightmare or his greatest fantasy. I looked over at Janette who was still sitting beside me on the couch examining her nails as if she hadn’t just tried to turn me into lunch.

“What are you doing here, Janette?” Nick asked clearly suspicious of her intentions.

Janette stood, smoothing out nonexistent wrinkles in her skirt, “I was just seeing how Natalie was faring after her ordeal. A little girl talk…..”

Nick looked at me to confirm this. I nodded my head in agreement, unable to find my voice.

Janette moved to the door, “I’ll be leaving….. Natalie, we can finish this talk at a later date.”

Nick held the door for her and as she looked over her shoulder, she winked at me….

I had a feeling this would not be last time Janette dropped in unexpectedly.

The End?





Tags: author: nikfix1228, character: janette, character: natalie, character: nick, game: 2010, pairing: natalie/janette, rating: teens and adults, type: f/f

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