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Just Checking In: "Don't do what? And why is everyone talking about the last time?"

We are so close to new FK adventures! One story is already in the queue. I know of three others out with beta readers. And three people have volunteered to beta-read!

Timeline. Stories officially come due tomorrow, Saturday, August 9, at 11:59 PM! (Of course you really have until brunch on Sunday. Don't stress.) Stories begin releasing on Monday, August 11; they'll then release one per day as long as they last.

Posting. The "2014_FKFicFest" AO3 collection is ready to receive your story! (See the posting steps.) As always, submissions appear as anonymous "Mystery Stories" until released, when they'll show your username. (Also, the "Published" field may show the date where the AO3's servers are, not where you are.)

After-Party. amilyn and twilight2000 have generously volunteered to host a post-FKFicFest party this year. They'd like to create cool treats for the players as part of the fun. Please answer the poll question below to opt in (or out) of that activity. (Poll results are visible to me only.)

Poll #1978146 2014_Prompt_Share_Opt-In

Would you like to share your unwritten prompts (those that you submitted and your writer didn't pick) to potentially become a treat at the 2014 after-party?

Yes, share my prompts!
No, thank you!
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