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The 2012 Closing Ceremonies Post: "Immortality is looking pretty good to me right now."

Master List.  Here's the linked, alphabetical list of all stories posted in the FKFicFest July 2012 game.  Please also try the community tags (LJ/DW) or the AO3 search function on our collection to help you find just the story you'll most enjoy! 

The 2012 Table of Contents

Title Author Rating Words Type Main Characters Recipient
Buttered Noodles Coralysendria PG 2,332 gen Janette, Natalie, Nick Deire
Chante à Nouveau Brightknightie PG-13 10,090 m/f Urs, Lacroix, Fleur, Nick Hearts_blood
Circumstances Unforeseen Amilyn PG 4,595 gen Natalie, Nick, Lacroix MelissaTreglia
Generations PJ1228 PG-13 11,829 m/f Nick, Natalie, Lacroix, Tracy Foxy11814
Knight Down Foxy11814 PG-13 12,252 m/f Nick, Natalie, Reese, Tracy Amilyn
Mandatory Training Natmerc G 1,843 gen Nick, Natalie, Schanke Coralysendria
Not in My City Deire PG 3,990 gen Vachon, Tracy, Nick, Natalie, Reese WaltD
Party Favors Team Effort! PG 100 x 14 Assorted Nick, Natalie, Janette, Lacroix, Myra, Vachon, Tracy, Screed, Urs, Grace, Lisa Cooper Everyone!
Phases of the Moon Greerwatson PG-13 7,321 m/f Selene, Lacroix, Divia, Qa'Ra PJ1228
Renovation WaltD G 1,923 gen Nick, Natalie Natmerc
Some Friendly Advice Hearts_blood G 1,261 gen Cohen, Stonetree Greerwatson
Ties That Bind, The MelissaTreglia PG 3,750 gen Nick, Fleur, Tracy, Lacroix Brightknightie
Tinkers to Evers to Chances to Play Twilight2000 PG 4,846 m/f Nick, Janette, Schanke, Natalie, Cohen, Lacroix Mayhavefakedit
We'll Always Have New Orleans Mayhavefakedit G 1,013 m/f Janette, Nick Twilight2000

Three Cheers!  The 2012 FKFicFest game is now officially closed.  The stories have been delightful and the players magnificent!  Let's have a standing ovation for all our great writers, beta-readers and readers!  Forever Knight fans are amazing people; I'm blessed to have them in my life.

Posting Elsewhere.  You may now post the story that you wrote for this game elsewhere as well (for example, fkfic-l, your own blog, another archive).  Where appropriate, please give FKFicFest a call-out when you do.

Endless, Forever...  Please continue reading and commenting on the fest stories!  I've still got some to play with for the first time, myself, and others to joyfully reread.  It's never too late for feedback!  (Remember: You don't need an account to reply.)  Please also keep writing, reading and replying to new FK fanfiction on fkfic-l (here's how to join), fk_fanfiction, [community profile] last_writes and all the other communities that welcome FK fanfiction throughout the year!

When's the Next Game Here?  For now, we're on hiatus.  I have every intention of hosting another round in 2013, circumstances permitting.  Recruit your friends to play!  (Need an AO3 account? I have invitations for all FKFicFest members. Ask!)

The After Party.  And we're outta here! as Schanke would say.  See you over at fkcommentfic/[community profile] fkcommentfic for the 2012 FKFicFest "dead dog party."  (Oh, you don't know about that yet? Well, give me a bit, and then come back for the next — and last! — admin post of this game for all the details.)

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