Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote in fkficfest,
Amy R.

"Party Favors 2012" for all players! (PG, assorted)

My thanks to everyone who played in this year's game!  Whether you wrote, beta'd or read, your energy, enthusiasm and camaraderie shone across the community.  You made this so much fun!  Thank you most of all, from the bottom of my (not still, not cold) heart, for loving our unmatchable vampire-homicide-cop show and sharing that love with us all.

I hope that everyone has had a blast celebrating Forever Knight through new fiction!

And yes: we have door prizes again this year!  For the first time in our short history, everyone arrived at the party on time, so everyone gets a party favor!  Below, please find a link to a traditional (exactly 100 words) drabble matching an unwritten prompt from every player in this year's game:
Again, thank you so much for playing — and for being on time!  It makes a mod's life easier.  Speaking of which, thanks and thanks again to skieswideopen, above, and amilyn, beyond, for pitching in so that everyone could have such lovely door prizes!

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Tags: author: amilyn, author: brightknightie, author: skieswideopen, game: 2012, rating: teens and adults, surprise: party favors

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