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The 2011 Welcome Post: "Now, he wants to be mortal again…"

Please join us on the fkficfest/[profile] fkficfest community, and begin mentioning the upcoming Forever Knight ficathon game to your friends and fellow FK fans.  We are looking forward to getting to play FK with you all!

2011 Timeline
All deadlines are 11:59 PM Pacific Time.
  • 04/20: Sign-ups open.
  • 05/20: Sign-ups close.
  • 05/22: Prompt assignments sent.
  • 06/20: Deadline to drop out in good grace.
  • 07/16: Stories due.
  • 07/17: Pinch-hitter assignments sent.
  • 07/18: Stories begin releasing.
  • 07/25: Pinch-hitter stories due. (This date may shift.)

How will this ficathon work?  If you don't know what a ficathon is, please check out the simple definition on fanlore.  The 2011 FKFicFest game will closely resemble the 2010 game; see previous admin posts for details. 

In brief:  Each player (1) submits a slate of three story prompts, (2) receives a slate of three prompts by someone else in return, (3) writes one story with a minimum length of 1,000 words (and a maximum length of five LJ posts) to fulfill any one of the three prompts received, (4) receives one story that fulfills one of the three prompts submitted, and (5) FK is celebrated and a grand time is had by all.

Players will each submit one gen (a.k.a. classic, team, no-romance), one pairing (a.k.a. relationship, couple, romance) and one wildcard (anything) prompt, to give us all a variety of possibilities to ignite our imaginations.  Players will post their own stories to the queue.  Your mods will release the stories at a rate of one per day if we have ten or fewer players, and two per day above ten players.

(This is a preview only.  Instructions and a full FAQ will come with the sign-up post.)

Why do we need an FK ficathon?  FK is a sleepy fandom these days.  Nevertheless, fifteen years out from cancellation, we still love our vampire-homicide-cop show and the friends we have made — and continue to make — through it.  Let's celebrate FK and each other!

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