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The 2011 Poll Results Post: "I knew this place was full of wackos."

Our thanks to everyone who answered the 2011 fkficfest game survey!  Final results are here.

At this time, we plan to hold an exchange-style game with a summer due date.  Please expect a schedule announcement before April.  As in the 2010 game, we plan a sign-up period, then approximately two months to write, and finally a celebratory parade of wonderful Forever Knight stories (one or two per day).  Most game rules will remain the same as in 2010; a few will improve based on 2010 experiences.

In the meantime, did you miss reading any of the 2010 stories? ;-)  Try the 2010 Game Masterlist or Community Tags.  (It's never too late for feedback.)  You might also consider looking up your fellow fkficfest community members (profile) and seeing what new FK fanfiction they may have posted elsewhere since last May.

Thank you, again.  We're looking forward to playing FK with you this year!
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