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Thank You Drabbles and Ficlets for brightknightie

This ficathon was brightknightie's inspiration from the beginning. She built the community, its links, its images, and everything. It was her hard work that put together the admin posts, that was responsible for the pairings of the writers and recipients, that kept everything running smoothly. In return, those who were able (and for whom I was able to find contact info) have the following drabbles and ficlets (alpha order by title) to offer in gratitude.

THANK YOU, brightknightie, from all of us!


Title: And the Weight of Night Upon My Shoulders (PG)
Author: skieswideopen
Recipient: brightknightie
Length: 500 words
Prompt: Nick & Feliks Twist (plus any other characters your story needs): A cure for vampirism seems to be available, but there's an impassable moral obstacle.


"Nat!" Nick's excited voice preceded him as he bounded into her lab.

Natalie drew in a deep breath at the sound, and stood up slowly, leaning heavily on her cane.

Janette was with him, of course. She always was these days. Dark to his light. Lover, friend, constant companion in their mutual quest to regain the humanity that they had both lost, and that she had regained and lost again. And a surprisingly good friend to Natalie over these past few decades.

They both looked so young. Radiant beauty untarnished by the passage of years. It was hard to remember that they were centuries older than her.

On most days, Natalie found it hard to see them, to see the reminder of all the things she'd lost. Not just her hope for a future with Nick--that was a loss she'd reconciled herself to long ago, when the inexorable march of years had made it clear--to her, at least--that even if Nick regained his mortality tomorrow, it wouldn't be her he turned to, however much he still loved her--but also her own lost youth. Not wasted, she told herself firmly, but mourned nonetheless.

Today she also felt a twinge at seeing them, but its source was different.

"You said you had news," Nick prompted, dropping a fond kiss on the cheek. He stepped back and paused, clearly puzzled by her lack of enthusiasm. "I thought--" he began again, and then stopped, hands out, waiting.

Natalie coughed, trying to clear her throat. Another limitation of age, this slow loss of voice. "There's a cure," she said finally. She swallowed hard, trying to speak around the lump that had suddenly developed. Maybe it wasn't just age. "It was...the ingredients are rare. Hard to find. The main one is a tropical plant that's now extinct. The sample I used was one of the last. Maybe the very last."

She averted her gaze then. She couldn't bear to see their expressions when she told them.

"It works," she said quietly. "It will make you human again." She paused again, delaying that final blow.

Nicks' voice was soft. Warm. "Nat?"

She looked up again, meeting those blue, blue eyes, aflame with terrible, tentative hope. She couldn't look away after all. She'd never been able to look away. That was why she was here, after all.

"I'm sorry," she said, looking from one to the other. She saw Janette slip her hand into Nick's at the words.

They looked so young.

"I'm so sorry," she repeated. Another deep breath. They looked worried now, and she wondered for the thousandth time if she were doing the right thing, telling them this. Giving them this choice. But what right did she have to withhold it from them? It was not, in the end, her decision to make. Her grip tightened around the smooth wooden handle of her cane as she summoned her courage and spoke the words.

"There's only enough for one of you."


Title: The Cup (PG)
Author: natmerc
Recipient: brightknightie
Length: 100 words
Prompt: Nick & Feliks Twist (plus any other characters your story needs): A cure for vampirism seems to be available, but there's an impassable moral obstacle.


Another cup. The museum had found it and it was to be the centerpiece of their new exhibit in memory of Alyce Hunter. Felix had sent the flyer for the exhibit along with the monthly De Brabant foundation information. He'd stared at it for hours that day, waiting for the sun to go down and release him.

His memories were uncertain now after the gunshot, so he researched it again. It was a cure. To gain mortality he must pass the heart's-blood of one he loved from cup to cup then drink. Humanity again. Begin life as he'd left it.


Title: Dream in Darkness, Dream of Light (PG)
Author: greerwatson
Recipient: brightknightie
Length: 100 words
Prompt: Nick/Marian Blackwing "For shortly after that, the party began to change." -- "Moonlight/Starlight" by Virginia Layefsky, 1959


She took his guilt, and he loved her. His innocence sang through his veins. He was free of the darkness, if not to the day.

She took his guilt, and he forgot the centuries of blood. She was shaman: he was man, and mortal in his soul. She gave him peace.

She died; and his evil passed back to him. That day, he slept in guilt, and dreamt himself on the Spirit Plane again, meeting her in death with the sun shimmering through the leaves as they kissed on the rock.

He woke and cried; and the tears were red.


Title: Dreaming Spires (PG)
Author: greerwatson
Recipient: brightknightie
Length: 568 words
Prompt: Nick and Helen Ruskin-Slater from "Faithful Followers." So often, we come in at the tragic end of Nick's friendships. I would love to read an incident from the beginning or middle of one of them. (It could be a flashback inside another scenario, or it could be the whole piece.)


I had always wished a proper education in my father's field, even though my sex precluded a full degree. Our family tradition led me to study at Oxford; but it was not at the University that I first met Mr. Knight. Rather, it was in the Egyptian Room of the British Museum. We did not speak, of course; but I could not help but notice the way he lingered over the inscriptions. Most casual visitors are drawn to the obvious: he seemed...perhaps a student, or at least an aficionado.

We next met at a lecture given by Professor Grenfell on Egyptian papyri. My attendance was expected: Mr. Knight's was not. He somehow obtained permission, nevertheless, though he was not at any of the colleges. (Before we became better acquainted, I suspected a considerable donation had eased his path into university life.) I noted his presence at the lecture, and remembered him from the Museum. He was a memorable man. Professor Griffith introduced me to him as one of his most promising pupils, which was unexpected and gratifying. (Later, when I returned to my rooms, I feared it might have been no more than a tribute to my late father; but--no. I think not. Of some in the University I might believe it; but Professor Griffith was as purely scientific in his focus as any man I have met in these halls of learning, and had no regard for the sex of his pupils provided their ability met his standards, which were always exacting.)

My third encounter with Mr. Knight came at one of Professor Griffith's tea parties, held monthly for all his pupils and, occasionally, a junior fellow in need of a little academic polish. From the conversation, it was clear that Mr. Knight had gained his entrée legitimately: his knowledge of the field of archaeology was considerable, to put it mildly, though his principal area of expertise was the ruins of Central America. We chatted about hieroglyphs, and the chance of, some day, discovering a Rosetta Stone to the glyphs of the Mayan civilization.

After that, I seemed to encounter Mr. Knight at every turn. That winter was, I must admit, made delightful not only by my progress in my studies but also by scones and cakes at the better of the local tea shops and, later, dinner at the City's best restaurants--far beyond my means, and further evidence of Mr. Knight's comfortable situation. The thought did cross my mind, once or twice, that we might, one day, work in tandem on the ancient sites of Egypt (or of Mexico, if he should prefer).

Alas, it was not to be. As the days grew longer and the gardens brightened with the early flowers of spring, Mr. Knight intimated his intention shortly to make a departure for the New World. I had been offered, upon the successful completion of my studies, the opportunity to join a dig south of Memphis. He congratulated me on my good fortune.

I have not seen him since. The occasional letter makes it clear that, as I advance in my career, he keeps himself aware of my progress; but, unfortunately, I lack a forwarding address, and cannot reciprocate the correspondence. Yet, I must admit, I still have lingering hopes that, one day, he may turn up in Cairo with an invitation to engage in mutual study of some new discovery.


1. Oxford is known as "the city of dreaming spires."
2. Bernard Pyne Grenfell was a Professor of Papyrology, and Francis Llewellyn Griffith a Professor of Egyptology at Oxford University in the early twentieth century.


Title: Heart's Blood (PG)
Author: Leela (leela_cat)
Recipient: brightknightie
Characters: Nick, Nat, Feliks
Length: 2 x100 words (double drabble)
Prompt: For brightknightie, in thanks for such an amazing first Forever Knight fest, based on her wildcard prompt: A cure for vampirism seems to be available, but there's an impassable moral obstacle.


"You wished a cure," Feliks said, "and here it is. Shall you not take it?"

Nick perched on Nat's bed, holding her hand. Two jade cups sat on the bedside table, mocking him. A golden knife was balanced on top.

"Pour the blood from one cup to the other. Back and forth, three times for each cup. And then you drink."

"Heart's blood," Nick repeated, knowing that he'd already been defeated.

"A measure from the first beat after the wound and another from the last. Precision is of vital importance."

"And no one else will do?"

Feliks shook his head.


"Love is required. You already know this, Nicholas. The sacrifice must be given willingly and with love by a mortal who loves a vampire."

To a vampire who loves her remained unspoken.

Releasing Nat's hand and laying it on top of the covers, Nick stepped away without waking her.

"She's old, Nicholas. Her hair is almost white. And she wishes to give you the life she will lose in so few years."

The temptation was almost too much for Nick. He could feel the sharp edges of his fangs, taste her blood on his lips. And yet he could not.


Title: Long Distance Friend (PG)
Author: merfilly
Recipient: brightknightie
Beta-Reader: ilyena_sylph
Length: 100 words
Prompt: Nick and one of his one-episode mortal friends..."1966" spin off


"He died free," Lili said softly.

"That is a small comfort to you?"

"More than a small one," Lili told him. "You do know the lure of freedom, my friend, even if you have not found it yet."

There was a laugh on the other end. "Small measures of it, perhaps."

"Then your new life is working?"

"For the most part, Lili," the man said.

"I will not stop looking, as you will not," she answered.

There was a comfortable silence, then a sigh, one of gratitude. "Farewell, Lili, and tell your brother hello."

"I shall," was said before disconnecting.


Title: A Modest Proposal (PG)
Author: greerwatson
Recipient: brightknightie
Length: 221 words
Prompt: Nick & Feliks Twist (plus any other characters your story needs): A cure for vampirism seems to be available, but there's an impassable moral obstacle.


It was when Nick heard through the grapevine about Serena that the thought slid slyly between the chinks in his knightly armour. Not that a mortal operation would suffice: he was sufficiently au fait with surgery to know its limitations, even if his long association with Natalie hadn't rubbed yet more medicine into his knowledge base. However, there was always the possibility of a transplant. His vampire blood would bring the organ over, at least until they both changed back.

He bypassed Natalie (who would certainly object, for so many reasons), and approached Feliks Twist, more about funding the necessary research than anything else. Advice and counsel he was not looking for, though he certainly found them. Also, Feliks had a few questions....

Nick pointed out recent developments in cloning. Provided the gamete had an X-chromosome, it could be spliced into an "empty" egg, and then fertilized with one of his own sperm.

"But don't tell LaCroix," Nick added hastily, suspecting from the expression on Feliks's face that he would head straight for the Raven.

"Never mind him," said Feliks. "What about the fans? I know that a lot of them have hoped for years that you'd find a cure, but...." If a vampire could blench , then Feliks paled yet further. "Oh, the Knighties will love this!"

Tags: author: greerwatson, author: leela, author: merfilly, author: natmerc, author: skieswideopen, game: 2010, surprise: after-party

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