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The Closing Ceremonies Post: "You see? You're not immune to happy endings!"

Master List.  This post offers a linked, alphabetical list of all stories posted in the fkficfest May 2010 Game.  Please note that we also have many tags to help you find just what you're looking for. 

- Table of Contents -

"Attachments" part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, and part 9 (m/f, PG) by greerwatson for celli

"Beneath the Surface" (gen, PG-13) by skieswideopen for natmerc

"A Contradiction in Terms" (gen, G) by hearts_blood for amilyn

"Freedom of the Midnight Hour" (m/f, PG) by havocthecat for lisamcdavid

"Girl Talk" (f/f, PG-13) by nikfix1228 for gnosticdiva

"Health, Food" (m/f, PG) by celli for waltd

"Heart of Darkness" (gen, PG) by twilight2000 for abby82

"Incident at Black Rock" (gen, G) by waltd for malinaldarose

"The Luck of the Brabantish" (m/f, G) by lisamcdavid for foxy11814

"Party Favors" (assorted) by brightknightie, amilyn and leela_cat for everyone

"Plus ça change" (gen-to-m/f, PG-13) by pj1228 for merfilly

"A Prize to Win, A Prize to Protect" (gen, PG) by foxy11814 for pj1228

"Secrets and Sins" (gen AU, PG-13) by gnosticdiva for havocthecat

"Six Impossible Things" (gen, G) by waltd for malinaldarose

"Stones, Fjords and Umbrellas" (gen, PG) by natmerc for hearts_blood

"Sugar and Spice" (gen, PG) by malinaldarose for greerwatson

"Tea Leaves" (gen, PG) by wiliqueen for nikfix1228

"Thank You Ficlets" part 1 and part 2 (assorted) by amilyn, greerwatson, leela_cat, merfilly, natmerc, skieswideopen, twilight2000 and wiliqueen for brightknightie

"Theory of Lost Things" (m/f, PG-13) by leela_cat for brightknightie

"Trials Of Conscience" (gen, PG) by merfilly for skieswideopen

"True to Lifepart 1 and part 2 (gen, PG-13) by brightknightie for wiliqueen

"Uneasy Allies in Untruth" (gen, PG) by amilyn for twilight2000

"Unusual" (m/f, G) by waltd for malinaldarose

"When Night Comes Down" (gen, PG) by havocthecat for leela_cat

Three Cheers.  This initial fkficfest game is now officially closed.  It has been an amazing ride, and you have been outstanding!  Let's give three cheers for all our great writers, beta-readers and readers!  Forever Knight fandom is a very special place, and very special people.

Posting Elsewhere.  You may now post the story that you wrote for this game elsewhere as well, if you would like.  (Where appropriate, please consider giving fkficfest a shout-out when you do.)

Endless, Forever…  Please continue reading and commenting on each other's stories here.  (Now that posting is through, we get to catch up on reading! So many stories! So much love for FK!)  And please keep writing, posting, reading and commenting on FK fanfiction in places like FKFic-L, the original and still champion FK fanfiction venue (here's how to join), and also all the communities on LiveJournal, Dreamwidth and beyond that welcome FK fanfiction.  fkficfest is intended for FK fanfiction games only, so we will all be returning to regular fannish habitats until the next game.

When's the Next Game?  For now, we're going on hiatus.  Co-mod brightknightie has her heart set on celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the first airing of "Dark Knight" in 2012.  Anything between now and then is an open question.  Please expect a survey somewhere down the road.

Addendum:  If you need to alert the community to something between games, please do not post to the queue, but instead get in touch with the mods (fkficfestmod = brightknightie and amilyn).  Thanks!

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