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Stories come due on the AO3 on Saturday, September 24, 2016. That's 4 weeks from tomorrow.

The default deadline was last week (DW / LJ). The beta-reading post is up (DW / LJ).

(Just for fun, some trivia! Who's reading this? :-) Without Googling, can you identify the 34 episodes that mention the Enforcers? Hint: 23 explicitly say "Enforcers," while the thirdfourth uses a descriptive designation.)

And when you're ready: posting instructions (DW / LJ) and post-to-collection shortcut (AO3)

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We have a little over a month to our due date! September 24. Time to beta?

Beta-reading — that is, reading a draft and sharing encouragement, asking questions, proofreading... whatever the author needs! — helps a story reach its full potential.

You know the drill: Please reply directly to the 3 comment threads that I'll start here ("Beta-reading Resources," "Will Beta-read," and "Beta-reading Needed"). Beyond those, please do use this post to chat! And please come back from time to time to see who else may need or offer help.

When you're ready: Posting instructions on DW or on LJ / Post-to-collection shortcut on AO3

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Today, Friday, August 19, is the last call for dropping out of this year's game with no consequences whatsoever.
  • Next: The "find a beta, be a beta" post.
  • Then: The "post parade" of this year's players.
We're all so looking forward to new FK stories this year! Adventure, pursuit, rescue! Comedy, satire, farce! Escape, revenge, rivalry! Temptation, transformation, sacrifice!

But if you need to step away, it's okay. Just let me know as soon as you can. Thanks!

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Believe it or not, next week will mark one month to our due date, September 25! So this week brings us the default deadline.

This coming Friday, August 19, is the last day to drop out of the 2016 game with no consequences or recriminations. If events have overtaken you, and you need to step away, please let me know as soon as possible, so that I can start seeking a pinch-hitter.

Fingers crossed, touch wood, and all the lucky gestures that no one needs to withdraw! But if you do, we'll understand.

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We have about 6 weeks until stories come due on the AO3 on Saturday, September 24!

Is everybody well underway? Do you have an idea, an outline, a start? What can we — all or any — do to help?

What episodes would you recommend rewatching, to get a writer's FK inspiration flowing?

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It's been about 5 weeks since matches went out! We have about 8 weeks until stories come due on the AO3 on September 24!

argentum_ls/[personal profile] argentum_ls, who isn't playing this year, made this very kind offer to those who are playing: "Should anyone want someone to bounce ideas off of, brainstorm with, or generally complain at about the state of their stories, I'd be happy to help."

And of course please feel free to comment here with general questions, ideas, and advice for everyone!

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It's been about 4 weeks since matches went out! In years past, this would be the critical halfway point! This year, stories come due on the AO3 on September 24.

Still, no reason to procrastinate! :-) Have you picked your prompt, brainstormed, outlined, researched? Finished? ;-) If you have any great tips or questions for the rest of us, please do share!

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It's been almost 3 weeks since matches went out! Stories will come due on the AO3 on Saturday, September 24. They'll start releasing on Monday, September 26.

I hope that all of us digging into FK stories are finding inspiration and comfort in FK's history, mystery, and fantasy, whether in stepping away from the real world for a minute, or in grappling with it though our characters and metaphors.

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It's been almost 2 weeks since the matches went out. Writers, are you starting to find ideas? Readers, what are you looking forward to?

Coincidentally, Amazon.com (US) is currently selling the DVD sets of Forever Knight seasons 1 and 2 for under $6 (US)!(As you know, of course, season 3 has been unavailable new for several years. 7 used copies are listed for under $50 right now.)

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Happy Canada Day! Happy US Independence Day!

It's been almost a week since the matches went out. For those of us lucky enough to be looking forward to a long weekend, isn't a long weekend an excellent time to rewatch FK and brainstorm for FKFicFest?

  • Friday, August 19: Deadline to default with no penalties at all.
  • Saturday, September 24: Stories due on the AO3.
  • Monday, September 26: Stories begin releasing.
Questions or concerns? Please ask! Tips and tricks? Please share! Fun? Please have! :-)

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The matches are out! Please check your email inbox (the message is coming from my personal email account to the address that you shared in your sign-up). If yours is missing, or if I've committed a mismatch most dire, please let me know.

9 players! 9 new stories! Drama! Romance! Comedy! Tragedy! Action! Meet this year"s players...Collapse )

Stories are due on September 24. They start releasing on September 26.

Which episode will you rewatch first? :-)

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Thank you to everyone who signed up! Welcome! We're all delighted to get to play with you!

Matching is in progress. Assignments should go out no later than bedtime (Pacific Time), tomorrow, Sunday, June 26, as scheduled.

(If you signed up but didn't receive a confirmation message from me, usually within 24 hours of your sign-up, please let me know!)

I'll post once I've sent the matches. Questions? Ask!

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24 June 2016 @ 12:07 am
FKFicFest 2016 banner with 3 season cast photos

fkficfest | [community profile] fkficfest | FKFicFest AO3 Collection
2016 schedule, instructions, and sign-ups

We've achieved our exchange-style minimum of 9 players. Sign-ups are open until noon on Saturday, June 25th. That's 36 hours from now.

In this year of the 20th anniversary of "Last Knight," come play with us!

We've achieved 9 sign-ups! We'll be playing exchange-style!

Were you on the fence, awaiting this news? Now that we know for sure that this year's game is an exchange game, are you ready to play with us?

Reminder: Sign-ups close at noon on June 25. With 9 or more sign-ups, the game is an exchange.

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